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'Unlocking Potential'

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

  Our class teacher is Mr Newton but Mrs Johnson and Miss Gomersall support us (and him) with our learning everyday too. We have lots to look forward to this half-term as we get back into the school routine – keep glued to this page because it will be regularly updated to show you what we have been up to. 

  Our P.E lessons are on Thursday (gymnastics) and Friday (outdoor) afternoons this half-term so we need to come to school in P.E. kit on those days. 

  We have all been given a reading record and a new book so it important that we are reading at home every evening (where possible). It doesn’t always need to be to directly to an adult - you can ask us a few questions about what we’ve read to check our understanding – but it’s important for improving fluency and comprehension. 

  All of our other homework will be set online through Microsoft Teams. Login details for this site and others, such as Times Table Rockstars or Reading Plus, can be found in our reading records. The basic expectation is that we complete 30 TTR games and 5 Reading Plus texts a week. If we do not have access to online learning at home, we will be given time and support to complete any homework through the week at school. 


Autumn One Term

  This half-term has been a very, very busy but enjoyable return to school life after the summer break. We have crammed lots and lots into the past seven weeks, both inside and outside the classroom. In our English lessons, we have focused a lot on narrative writing: in particular, writing short suspense stories full of description and emotion. We did however use our science learning (more on that later) to write and explanation of the circulatory system and even some heart-themed kennings for World Poetry Day.  For maths, we have spent a lot of time securing our knowledge of place value and then applying it to calculate and reason within the school’s Maths No Problem scheme. Also, our weekly Times Table Rockstars Battles between the Year Six Super Six and RoC have been very competitive and there are some very fast rock speeds in the class. 

  In the wider curriculum, some highlights include our science lessons in which we have learnt so much about our hearts and the importance of a healthy lifestyle – we even dissected some lambs’ hearts to get a better look as they’re very similar to human hearts. We spent our geography lessons learning all about maps and how to use them: we now know what the symbols on them mean, how to use grid references / the eight compass points and planned our route from school to Lineham Farm for our residential trip. As a part of Black History Month, we studied Martin Luther King Jr. and thought about what changes we’d like to see in the world for it to be a better place for everyone. Our art lessons have been spent creating self-portraits in the style of Sheffield artist Pete Mckee. He uses a cartoon style and lots of bright colours that is very effective and fun to imitate. We have of course also been enjoying our Spanish and music lessons on Fridays with Mrs Outram and Mrs Leadbeater too. 

  Finally, as you may well know – WE CLIMBED A MOUNTAIN! Our day out on Pen-y-ghent was challenging but enjoyable and we were so pleased to be able to raise money and awareness for such an important cause. The compliments we received from passers-by along the way really motivated to achieve our goal. We also enjoyed a lovely day out on the Ledston Estate learning about nature and being out in the woodlands. 

We’re already looking forward to next half-term, which kicks off with our residential at Lineham Farm, but first it’s time for a week full of lie-ins and rest. See you in November! 

Autumn Two Term

  Where else to start other than with Lineham Farm? We had an AMAZING time pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and trying new things. As you could see from the photos on the school's Facebook page, we got to try SO many activities and had the best instructors teaching and supporting us. We even had our meals cooked all week by a chef who has previously cooked for the Queen and with Gordan Ramsey...imagine that! It really was THE BEST way to start a half-term and we're already looking forward to our second residential in the summer.

  In our English lessons, we have used our residential to write persuasive adverts about the place that will hopefully drive up their business. We then wrote some very emotive pieces of writing involving flashbacks, using a short film called The Piano as inspiration. For maths this half-term, it has been fractions, Fractions. FRACTIONS! But we are experts now so challenge us with anything. Also, our weekly Times Table Rockstars Battles between the Year Six Super Six and RoC have been very competitive and there are some very fast rock speeds in the class. 

  In the wider curriculum, our science topic Evolution and Inheritance involved learning about how characteristics are passed on, the different ways in which living things have adapted to survive and considered what fossils can show us about the past. We spent our history lessons journeying back in time to before the Magna Carta was agreed and studied how democracy has developed over time up to the present day. We even discussed what it might look like in the future. Our art lessons have been spent creating our very own graffiti tags. We used Phil from HelloHipHop's brilliant sketch along videos to help us improve our skills and then even got to complete our final designs using some very expensive posca pens. Check out Phil's website here: Primary Schools | Hip Hop Workshops | West Yorkshire ( On Fridays, we have continued to enjoy our Spanish and music lessons with Mrs Outram and Mrs Leadbeater too. 

We’re already looking forward to next year and the challenges it will bring: the cold weather, SATS, leaving Castleton and starting high school. Just know we're ready to rise to them. See you in 2022! 


Spring One Term

Firstly, happy new year everyone! If the first few weeks are anything to go by, 2022 is going to be a GREAT one. Continuing where we left off before Christmas, we have gotten so much during this half-term. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to. 

In our writing lessons, we have continued to develop our narrative skills but also had a big focus on non-fiction texts. We took a keen interest in emperor penguins: researching facts then writing a non-chronological report (NCR) about these incredible birds. If you haven’t already watched March of the Penguins, it’s a must-see documentary. Following this, we used everything we had learned about the structure and features of NCRs to write another information text about an animal of choosing. Choices varied from polar bears to axolotls and everything in between. During maths lessons, we have covered many topics such as percentages, decimals, ratio and proportion as well as continuing to improve our arithmetic and reasoning skills. 

Across the wider curriculum, we have been focusing on electricity in our science topic. We have learnt so much about circuits: what is needed / can be changed, how to draw them accurately using symbols and then used this knowledge to carry out our own investigations into bulb brightness. Some of us were lucky enough to spend our Tuesdays out of class as we took part in an Inspirations programme; some of the activities including climbing, biking and ice-skating. Those of us left at school got to develop our culinary skills in what we named ‘Burning with Mr Newton’ - fortunately, that didn’t happen too often as Miss Gomersall was around. Mr Jones helped us to improve our dance skills and football has been the order of the day for our outdoor PE lessons on Fridays. Of course, we have continued to enjoy our Spanish and music lessons with Mrs Outram and Mrs Leadbeater at the end of the week too.  

Thinking ahead to next half-term, we have lots more to look forward to, but we are certainly ready for a rest over the holidays after all of our hard work. See you on the other side. 


Spring Two Term

What a busy half-term we have had! Who knew you could cram so much in to just five weeks? We got off to a flyer celebrating World Book Day in the first week back. In Year 6, we love reading EVERY day of the year but enjoyed celebrating our passion for book with lots of fun activities – a highlight was making story jars based on some of favourites. Some of us were also very lucky to get to see The Wanted live in concert at the arena from a VIP booth – something we’ll remember forever. With SATs getting ever closer, we have also ramped up our revision of key skills in reading and maths and we are counting down the days till we can show off everything we know. 

In English, we switched back to narrative writing and used Neil Gaiman’s wonderfully illustrated version of Hansel and Gretel to inspire us. We focused on using a wide-variety of sentence structures to describe the gingerbread house and dialogue to introduce and develop characters - we especially had fun thinking up awful names and insults for the witch to use. After we’d finished our writing, we even ‘attempted’ to make a gingerbread house of our own from scratch. Obviously, we intended for it to look as if it had been demolished by the two hungry siblings. Honest! Our maths learning has focused on statistics and shape this half-term – we have learnt how to calculate the mean average, read and interpret a range of graphs (including pie charts) as well as calculate the perimeter, area and volumes of a range of shapes. This even included building some metre cubes out of straws to try and estimate the volume of our classroom. 

In other areas of learning, we have started our new geography topic on mountains and had fun using atlases to locate the seven summits of the world. Can you name them all? In our PSHE lessons, we have discussed the different reasons people may move countries as well as the rights we all have as humans. In our PE lessons, we have been recapping our gymnastic skills such as travelling, balancing and rolling – this culminated in us performing our own routines set to music. We our making lots of progress in music and Spanish lessons as usual thanks to our specialist teachers Mrs Leadbeater and Mrs Outram.  

There’s lots to get eggcited about next half-term, including SATs, but before then it’s time for a long break and lots of chocolate over the Easter holidays. Yum!