Welcome to

Castleton Primary School and Children's Centre



Welcome to Castleton Primary School!

We want your visit to be both enjoyable and safe, so please read this leaflet carefully. Please remember to sign out when leaving the site.



General Expectations

  • Provide details to the reception staff, including name, purpose of visit, name of the pupil the visit affects/staff member who arranged the visit.
  •  Sign in using the InVentry sign in computer at the office
  • Display your ID badge provided at all times whilst on school property
  • Return ID badges to the school office before departure
  • Sign out using the InVentry computer at the office (a member of staff can support if necessary)
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol or any illegal substances is prohibited at all times
  • Accessible adult toilets are next to the staffroom and inside the Children’s Centre
  • Emergency First Aid equipment is stored in the cupboard opposite the ladies toilets near the school office, near the KS2 entrance and in the nursery disabled toilets. 
  • Parking is available on-site (at the Children’s Centre)
  • Please stay within the areas that are necessary for your visit


  • Please familiarise yourself with the fire exits which are shown on maps of the school placed in rooms, corridors and office areas.
  • When the alarm sounds, report to the fire assembly point closets to where you are in the building so that you can be accounted for
  • If you are working with children/pupils lead them to safety and inform a member of school staff so that registers can be taken

Digital Devices

Whilst on site please:

  • Use only in connection with your business and when you are approved to do so
  • Do not leave equipment unattended
  • Ensure that your mobile phones’ ‘bluetooth’ capacity is disabled
  • Do not use mobile phones in the presence of pupils
  • Computers are not to be used by visitors, unless you are approved to do so
  • Taking photographs or recording videos is not permitted unless consent has been sought for the relevant school activity.

Interactions with pupils

Where your role requires that you interact with pupils/students or you are attending School on Local Authority/ Partnership/ Agency working you must:

  • Present your photo ID 
  • Relevant checks will be made depending on your reason for visit. If a DBS certificate is required, your information will be taken and stored on our Single Central Register for any future visits. 
  • Wear your ID badges so they are visible at all times


  • Personal information is not disclosed by any other means accidently or otherwise to any unauthorised third party  
  • All data and school information should not be shared outside of the workplace


Child Protection

Any concerns or disclosures must be reported immediately to the Head Teachers (Mr Alistair Darnell and Mrs Andrea Riley) or Graham Jones and Rachel Dodson who are the named people for Child Protection in the school.

This information must not be discussed with anyone.